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Exercising that Body on a Paddle Board

Exercise is great and brings great rewards with it too. Die hard water fans can now incorporate it in their activity by adding some work outs in their activities. They help build strength in the body for better enjoyment of the sports they undertake in water. There has been an addition of a trio of very essential practices to supplement the stand up paddleboard exercises. One could never go wrong with the ups and overs , the donkey calf and knee leg raise exercises. There are no stones left unturned with up and over’s, donkey calf raises and knee leg raises. What makes it more special is that they can be done in the environment that you love .

There is no limit to the kind of benefit that people that engage in water activities can gain from this. for the up and over you have to stretch your hand and reach across the board with a firm grip. Having achieved this you could make the lifting your body onto the board with your knees ushered under your body. You are not only guaranteed of an invaluable exercise but a way to get back on board in case of a slip.

They isn’t denying that donkeys are fit animals. This could very well illustrate the term donkey calf raises. The procedure for it is quite simple all you have to do is lie flat on the bank living a distance between your hips. One should bend the hips all the while maintaining their balance with a paddle. This prevents you from slipping although it could help you practice an up and over. The arms should be maintained in a still stretched position. The trick here is to have your heels up leaving the toes to support themselves on the board. Upon achieving it the hassle lies on landing your heels on the board again . The art of balance is what is tested on in this case.

This routine would be incomplete without knee leg raises. The act of kneeling characterizes the beginning of this exercise. The shoulders should be separated considerably and arms placed forwards. One can then lift the leg to a forty five degree angle and then bring it down softly to land on water on their toes. It can be repeated ten to twenty times as desired on each of the legs. It effectively carters for a good butt and firmer hips. Good exercise is a recipe to a well functioning body. Stand up paddleboard exercises have been revolutionized to include this exercises for the betterment of the overall result.