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What to Anticipate When Having Twins

Knowing that you’re soon to give birth with twins can be shocking. It’s shocking enough to welcome a new baby, but two! It’s expected that some moms feel afraid. So, we are here to help you understand and prepare for the imminent future.

Typical Anxieties
Firstly, it is expected that you are left winding in the news that you are about to take care of not just one but two babies! By the time it sinks in, you will then eventually feel excited but you will still feel worried, too. The main concern tends to be about complications of giving birth, and that is a natural fear to have. Statistics show though that women giving birth to twins are mostly safe and without major complications.

Women carrying twins also worry about depression. First, women pregnant with twins tend to gain more extra weight than women pregnant with one baby. Pregnant mommies expecting for two, think they would need to lose twice as much weight after giving birth.

Statistics show that women who got pregnant with twins without the aid of IVF (for instance) are more likely to suffer depression. As expecting twins can increase your chances of having depression, it is better that you see you doctor regularly.

Getting Equipped
You need to have everything ready so that when the twins arrive you have all you need. Hand-me-downs are of great help, but you still need to buy certain items just for your twins.

Double strollers are essential for twins, so better check them first before the twins arrive. You need to buy two cribs, double portable strollers, and car seats especially when you need to bring them somewhere.

It’s best to invest in good car seats, so better check online reviews by mothers who have tried and tested the best.

A lot of planning and preparation is needed when having twins. So invest in things that will make your life as a new mom of twins a lot easier. It expensive to raise twins, so ask around for hand me downs, like clothes and toys, from family and friends.

If you have already had kids, surely you have things that can be passed on to your twins. But if you are a first time mom, you have to be sure all needed essentials are ready. There are so many things to prepare for and it can be overwhelming. So talk with other mothers and people you know who already have children so they can guide you for the twins’ much awaited coming.

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